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When I suggested melting what I had in mind was that there could be a void adjacent to a thicker piece of pamor material and for some reason or other there was sufficient difference in the hardness of the pamor material and the ferric material that allowed the pamor material to fill the void.From memory I think nickel melts at about 1455C and iron at about 1535C. Seems reasonable to me that it would be possible for a thick, soft piece of nickel to work its way into a slightly harder piece of iron that had a little hole in it.This is a pretty rare effect we're talking about, I reckon I've only seen it maybe 4 or 5 times, and I've handled thousands, more likely tens of thousands, of blades. I was not thinking in terms of sloshy liquid running around in the middle of the blade.In any case, whatever the stuff is, it needs an analysis to determine, and all our hypotheticals are really just a waste of time.

Its not that this pamor occurs with no deformation, it is buried in the blade when the blade is new, but it reveals itself as time passes and the blade erodes through cleaning.Since it does not erode as ferric material does, its obviously not that.
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