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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
It is said that pamor munggul is very hard and cannot be easily filed, but I fail to understand how anybody would know this:- pamor munggul adds much value to a keris, who in his right mind is going to try to reduce that value with a file? I suspect we are looking at urban legend here.

Pure nickel will not go liquid and run at the temps used for forge-welding, but a high carbon material containing nickel may.
What I find interesting, being ignorant of many things about the keris, is that the effect we are discussing is round...if it were a piece in the steel or between layers of steel then it should be elongated like the rest of the material in the blade.
I have had welding flaws which look bulbous, but when forged out they are long and stretched.

Whatever this thing is, it happens with little or no deformation so it is either done close to the end of forging or with little forging out of the my opinion.

If its that hard it may be a slag bubble or something like it...may not be steel or metal at all.

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