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Originally Posted by Alam Shah
I've read likewise, from my understanding, the type that was explained refers to a small lumpy piece of material, possibly or probably embedded into the piece... some discovered it when the blade was worn down after years of ritual cleansing...

Off-topic a little... I've seen some simbang kurung, which looked like having a titanium-like inserts, but I cannot be sure whether it is or was it other form of metal. Is there any inserts of this nature ever found to be made of titanium?

Unless the structure in question has been chemically tested I do not think we can say what it is.
As for naturally occurring some form of oxide yes, but it does not really look like "titanium" in that form. The reason titanium is expensive is not due to its rarity, but the costs of purifying it from the oxide form......many white paints are titanium oxide and therefor inexpensive...pure titanium is not inexpensive.
Some iron ores contain titanium oxide and this may or may not remain in the smelted material...I know one smith in New Zealand who is working on removing the TiO which is in the ore he smelts for is not a good thing in the long run.

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