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This subject is getting huge!! Hopefully someone is collating all these marks for future reference??!!

Absolutely Stuart! That was exactly what I had in mind with this topic and the thread on trade markings. These topics often have come up in threads over the years and my goal was to establish sort of an 'in house' archives for us all to refer to. Many of the references that have been cited are quite hard to find, and often expensive when they are. Also the subject matter has seemed to always have room for deeper study, and who better than all of us here to accomplish that together!

Interesting note on that symbol appearing in Cambodia also. The squiggle marks I am pretty sure are motif, but what I am unclear on is what they represent. I have heard suggestions of water, rice paddies among others, but none with much basis to consider.

Kronckew, excellent examples! Thank you for posting those. It does seem quite clear that the heart shape has distinct Catholic symbolism, and the Jacobites were in support of the Catholic Stuart royal family. Of the described Jacobite symbols I have seen noted in varied items however, the heart has never been included. The only significant symbol noted was the white rose. The only other Scottish object I can recall with heart shapes was an antique Scottish chair I had.

Thank you guys!
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