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Those are some excellent examples you have posted Andrew.
The beautiful dha has a most interesting image that I cant quite make out, and you Mark, and Ian would have most of the insight on what it might represent. I'd sure like to hear more on the possibilities.

The second weapon's interesting line of piercings seem like they might be placed there for attaching something? or might these be like the holes seen in some mandaus, kampilans? It seems there was once some discussion suggesting these were filled with brass to signify 'victories'. I think that might have been in Cato?

With that, those deliberately placed transverse lines on the back of the blade with some diagonal and some straight seem like they are typically in numeric groupings. I recall trying to find out about these on a Laotian kamoong once, and there was some mention of tribal identity, or to that effect. It seems like these 'hashmark' like lines occur on the backs of blades of many SE Asian weapons with examples found elsewhere also, but cannot recall other specifics.

Thank you for posting these Andrew!

All very best regards,
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