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Smile I am impressed

Gentlemen you are impressing !
A question of vocabulary has now evolve in a discussion of specialists. So much information in your different messages. Thank you very much.
Even if you are unsure of some word translation, what you have given is already of a great help for me, because, as you now, the devil is in the details. The identification of chiseling instead of filing gives very valuable information on the process.
Mas Boeghi, you mention the 75 steps from "masuh" to "marangi" given by Empu Djeno and taking 113.5 days to complete. Has this list of successive steps of the process been published anywhere ? If it has, it was probably in the frame of Pametri Wiji and would not be accessible or understandable, by outsiders !
I personally think that such a document would be interesting for those studying keris and understanding Javanese and Indonesian !
Thanks again to both of you
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