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Yes, Mas Ganja. All the mendhak's pictures on your latest post are Jogjas, IMHO. The one with gems is kendhit. It use filigree in spite of ordinary meniran/beads. Just a variation, I think. Kendhit means belt, belted with gems, in this case, and the one with metal ball called mendhak lugas. Lugas simply means 'plain'. The kendhit is not necessarily better than lugas. With a good balance and execution, the lugas frequently beat the ordinary kendhit, in term of beauty, not money, of course

Please bear in mind, while the 'lugas' and 'kendhit' are the proper terminology to define the mendhak's type especially in the court's circle, it might be unrecognized by some local seller. You might use 'polos' instead of 'lugas' (means the same, 'plain') or with/without mata (='eyes', the gems). 'robyong' is recognizable for three tier mendhak (might also in use with dhapurs, ex. sinom robyong).
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