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Originally Posted by David
Great thread subject Ganja. I would like to encourage you to post more comparison examples along this vein.

Thanks David, for the recomendation. I post this thread, because many of us still have difficulty in differing whether this and that mendhak are from Jogja style or Solo style. I've often seen, people show kerises with Jogja warangka but unfortunately with Solo mendhak, or even with Solonese hilt... Or vice versa.

These were just simple examples...

Originally Posted by PenangsangII
Pak Ganja, apart from the stones used for the deco, what is actually the difference between Solo & Jogja mendaks? I still cant tell the difference...

I would suggest you the look carefully at the details. Jogja and Solo style in mendhaks, are only differed from the very small details. It is better if I post the same picture, more close up of each mendhak from pictures above...

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