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Don F.
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Greetings everyone, I found these swords that may fit into this forum nicely.
I canít give you any intellectual insights on any of these swords, but what I can give is, some pictures worth a thousand words each. Hope these will help in a small way, in your endeavors to understand early makers marks.

The first sword may be a German export to Turkey; or not.

The second one is an Arab Shamshir with either a locally made blade, or an import, or a battlefield pickup. Donít know for sure. I know you will probably like this one. It has your running wolf mark.

The last one is an English Mortuary sword with blade manufactured in Solingen. Lets run these babies up the flagpole and see if any body salutes.

Ya, I know, I canít believe I said thatÖ

Best regards everyone.
Don F
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