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A direct link isn't possible. I copied the text and picked up the pictures.
I hope I don't brake any rules. If it turned out I did, moderators, please, do your job.

E 793

Object type: Other
Materials: Gold, rubies, diamonds, iron, nickle, wood
Measurements: Thickness: 5 cm.
Creator name: unknown
Where was it made: Indonesia; Bali
Time period: 19th Century
Function: Regalia. This State Kris was used in ceremonies to
ward off evil through the raksasa (giants) images on
the kris.
Acquisition: The kris came from Puri Klungkung, Bali. It was taken during a military expedition by the Colonial Government against the Klungkung Kingdom in 1908. The army took the regalia from the King and handed it to the government in Batavia. It was the rule that part of the booty from military expeditions would be given to the National Museum in Batavia and part of it was to be shipped to the Netherlands.
Owner: Museum Nasional

Why is this a masterpiece
The kris was not shipped to the Netherlands but instead remained in Indonesia. This gives it a specific historic value for the museum.

History of the object
The kris was part of the regalia of the Kingdom of Klungkung in Bali. It shows rakasa (giants) images, which is typically Balinese.
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