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Originally Posted by Bill Marsh
Hi Ben,

I believe you mean the Marechaussee Sabel? I would like to know more. Are there any online sources?

The information I quoted on the KNIL comes from

"As such, KNIL was involved in many campaigns against indigenous groups in the Netherlands East Indies including the Padri War (1821-1845), the Java War (1825-1830), crushing the Puputan (the final resistance of Bali inhabitants to colonial rule) of 1849, and the prolonged Aceh War (1873-1904)."


But there may be more pertinent information on the Marechaussee Sabel, if you would be so kind as to supply?

Hi Bill it is in Dutch
The klewang is the indonesian term off this marchaussee sabel later they called this klewang
Marchausse sabel is the offical dutch term

In 1898 it was first in use with the KNIL not before


the last link says of yours The Klewang is a type of cutlass which originally derived from the weapons traditionally carried by Indonesian natives, and was later adopted by soldiers of the Dutch East India Company (the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC). By the 1930s, it was carried as a sidearm by native police in the NEI. Some were used in combat against the Japanese, but they were more commonly employed as machetes against jungle foliage. The Klewang remained on issue to Dutch forces after the war, and was used during actions against Indonesian rebels as late as 194748.
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