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Originally Posted by BluErf
What about the lack of buntut on the batang? This batang has the bulge near the top, but has the typical 'rounded' bottom of Sumatran sheaths.

I hear that keris forms on E Sumatra are heavily influenced by Sulawesi forms, and so we see kerises which smacks of Sulawesi, but are actually produced locally in Sumatra.

Could easily have lost the buntut and been re-worked or perhaps the entire batang is a replacement. Actually with the exception of Palembang you rarely see the batang terminate in a - for lack of a better term - iras buntut. While frequently rounded, they are usually tekak belalai or patat lipas style, made from a separate piece, typically of different material.

The entire Straits & Peninsular region is heavily influenced by Bugis forms and they are, occasionally difficult to tell apart. But I don't think so in this case. The sampir form and especially the "swollen" throat and tapering batang are classic Sulawesi.

Rasdan - you've posted pictures of a magnificent S. Sumatran Bugis keris. The lacquer is Palembang and a dead giveaway, as is the sheath form which, as has been frequently noted before, is popularly referred to as a "chieftain" or "penghulu" style. The blade is more or less typical for S. Sumatra and not necessarily a bad blade. It's clearly shows some heavy wear through age or neglect.

BluErf has already posted some fine examples of Straits Bugis keris. Here are some confirmed Sulawesi keris to compare.
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