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Kodi, as most of us know by now know, comes from the Javanese kodiat. It refers to a bundle of "20", in this case, kerises. These were trade blades made in Java for sale and sold in quantity. As with most things I should think they would have been of varying "quality" based on where and when they wer produced, as well as who produced them. Most would have been fairly average, a few probably less so and some may have been very nice indeed. Of course this can only be presumed as we know very little about the keris trade at this point.

Trade blades should not however be confused with high quality, high status pieces which were gifts from the courts of Java for earstwhile vassals. This is especially true of South Sumatra, which was ruled by Javanese appointed regents until about the time the Dutch took over. So, if you do come across a court quality keris its as likely as not its in this category.

As for your E. Sumatran keris Blu, I'd say actually that the dress is Sulawesi Bugis. And a very nice keris at that. Whether the blade is Javanese or not it another question. I have seen several Bugis keris with Javanese looking keris. Its likely as not these were trade blades, but they may also have been locally produced.
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