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Something off the discussion of this keris -- what makes a keris kodi a keris kodi? Is it quality/form of the blade, the original intent for the blade at the time of manufacture, or does it just apply to keris blades that have been sold to another island, regardless of quality or intent?

We see Javanese blades in Bugis or Malay dress all the time. I recently acquired an E Sumatran keris (or so I thought) with a blade that was clearly E Javanese. What was more amazing was that after a few days, I saw another keris (belonging to another collector) in Sulawesi dress, with the same E Javanese form of blade. These blades are generally well-made, with full perabots and really nice ron dha, greneng, kembang kacang, sogokan and luks. Would these be considered 'trade blades'?

If a blade like this one (currently in Solo dress) were to get sold to another island, would it be considered a 'trade blade'? The way I see it this blade may be slightly nicer than Alam Shah's blade, but essentially of the same level.
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