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Excellent resource Tim! Thank you so much for posting the illustrations as well. It seems that the shape and material used in the heads does differ quite a lot between varying tribes, and that certainly would be key in identifying certain arrows. I can always remember watching old western movies where the grizzled old wagonmaster would pick up an arrow and pronounce, "yup, thats a Cheyenne arrow allright!". I was completely intrigued by how this guy could simply look at an arrow and know instantly what tribe it was from. Naturally, Hollywood elaborated and embellished these dramatics, but even in my wide eyed young naievete, I knew that there were many distinguishing differences between tribes in both dress and weaponry.
In recent visits to locations where many of these tribes are still situated, my interest has been greatly rekindled from the somewhat latent interest that has remained all these years. While studying the ethnographic weapons of so many other countries for so many years, I have suddenly realized the wealth of history here in my own backyard!

Hi Ronald! Its so great to have you post on this, and I know you will find something in that library of yours!!! It has always amazed me that there has always been a strong fascination in Europe, especially Germany, for our 'wild west' and I believe there is good literature on the topic there.
Looking forward to hearing more!!!

All the best,
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