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Both tombaks have similar features, but closer look at the "metok" or ferrule shows that the one wolviex has is seperated whereas Rick's has it made one with the blade, or "seiras".
More commonly seen from Sumatra or Malaysian regions are the seiras tombaks, while the other type are more Javanese inclined, although there are exceptions. The not very contrasting pamor on Rick's tombak also has less Javanese features, and I'm sure with a good washing, wolviex's tombak will show good contrast.
Do retain the sheath please, and give it some good old English oils or other wood oils to "relive" it back again, and maybe a longer shaft for the handle. On that note, I would consider both pieces more as a "lembing", a throwing spear, rather than a "tombak" (lance) from it's more slimmmer and rather "aerodynamic" features. But again, there are a few views on the diffrences between a tombak and a lembing, as it is with a lance and a spear.
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