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I have been very interested in this book myself, and have been looking for a copy for some time. There is some good news for those interested in the book though. I emailed Orchid Books a month or two ago regarding this book as I thought they had a reprint available. Well, not yet....
Their email response:

Thank you for your enquiry and interest in our publications.

In fact this title has long listed as an Orchid Press publication, as
a reprint edition, but due to technical difficulties relating to the
poor quality of illustrations in the original edition, it has long
been on hold. Our edition has yet to go to press.

We have not given up on republication of this book and it has again
returned to active status on our plans, as technology changes have
occurred since our earlier announcement that will enable us to
produce a version that would satisfy buyers. Currently it is likely
to be available toward the end of this year, or possibly early next.
We will keep you in mind and let you know as soon as we have the book

Unfortunately, original copies of the book are now virtually
impossible to obtain.

So keep your eyes on Orchid Press and hopefully before too long there will be a reprint available.

Orchid Press

Cheers and happy hunting
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