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Default Old Dutch "Hembrug" Klewang

The seller, Arjan, says, "The Klewang was designed for use in the tropical colonies. In the first wars with the natives many soldiers were suprised by the fierce Aceh warriors in close combat. "

"Sometimes the distance between the fighting parties was so close that it needed a better weapon than the usual sabre. The answer was the klewang."

"One hand on the carabine (carbine) and in the other the klewang was the common postion to resist the native warrior attacks."
This succeeded where the rifle and the bayonet were less successful.

"This klewang is one of them and is in a very good state. The scabbard is of nice polished dark brown leather. The blade is stamped "Hembrug". Hembrug Klewangs are quite rare because they are the first made examples."

This piece is also of interest to me as it was made for the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger; KNIL). Formed by royal decree March 1830. This was the army of the Netherlands in its former colony of the Netherlands East Indies (also known as the Dutch East Indies, and later known as Indonesia).

KNIL was involved in many campaigns against indigenous groups in the Netherlands East Indies including the Padri War (1821-1845), the Java War (1825-1830), crushing the Puputan (the final resistance of Bali inhabitants to colonial rule), and the prolonged Aceh War (1873-1901).
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