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Default Museums

For a trip, Paris is a center of ethnographic art with all its specialised galeries in the city itself or in the Saint Ouen Flea Market, on its periphery. For the museums, the recently opened Museum of Quai Branly shouldn't be missed even if some may not like the way the pieces are displayed there. This museum has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, collection of primitive art. On its 300 000 pieces collected, only 3 000 are exhibited. It has a branch in the Louvre Museum with one hundred primitive art masterworks displayed there that should not be missed either - among them, an extraordinary Paiwan central house pillar.
Here is the link to the museum (most of its collections can be seen online):
In Taipei, where I live, ethnographic museums or exhibits are very small and limited to the formosan aboriginal art (we had one temporary exhibit of African primitive art few years ago). The Shungyi Museum of Formosan Art is the easiest to visit as it is located nearly next to the National Palace Museum and very well organised. Then, there is mostly the National Taiwan Museum, the Taiwan National University Exhibit Hall (only open 4 h a week) and the Academia Sinica (closed for a while as it is going through renovation works).
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