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Originally Posted by RhysMichael
I've always wanted to go to the KIT. Their collections seem to be extensive.

Here is their website in english. I think this is the museum that Dajak (Ben) and VVV (Michael) have mentioned. It would be great to plan a trip there and perhaps meet members who live nearby and know their way around this Museum.

Originally Posted by Manolo
In Quebec City I recommend the Citadel and there are various other musea in the old city.

I wish I had posted this thread sooner. Did not know about this museum when we visited Quebec City last year. We found Quebec a bit difficult to navigate because english is not common and we don't speak french. It would have been better to have known someone there who could help us find and visit interesting places.

And it would be great to meet members of this forum and see personal collections.

Let me know if y'all (Southern expression for "you all") ever visit Atlanta Georgia (the one in the USA). I could take you to visit my friend Dent Meyers "Wildman" Civil War collection.

"The Best Little War House in Kennesaw" (Georgia)
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