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Originally Posted by dennee
Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford. Examples from many cultures, but probably the best Naga collection in the world.

This looks really good. Having some problems accessing links, but looks like they have some incredible items. I also like their idea of display. MIght be something to use for our collections.

Type of display

In most ethnographic and archaeological museums the displays are arranged according to geographical or cultural areas. In the Pitt Rivers Museum they are arranged 'typologically' (according to type): musical instruments, weapons, masks, textiles, jewellery, and tools are all displayed in groups to show how the same problems have been solved at different times by different peoples. This unusual layout developed from the General's theories concerning the evolution of ideas. You can find not only what may be regarded as beautiful or valuable but also many examples of simple, everyday objects which reveal how people have lived and thought. This gives the collection a unique quality since it contains material not usually treasured or preserved. A large percentage of the collection is on show.

The Pitt Rivers still retains its Victorian atmosphere. The cluttered cases, the original small handwritten labels and the absence of intrusive text-panels all contribute to the special experience it offers. Visitors interested in psychology, sociology, medicine, arts and crafts, comparative religion, music, in fact almost any profession or hobby, will find plenty to intrigue them. It is also a fascinating place for those studying changing historical attitudes.

There are other Musea here that I want to see also. Will do some more research.
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