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Default Best Ethnographic Sites?

Vandoo's post about the museum "Les Invalides" brings to mind that there are many Ethnographic sites all over the world with fascinating items to see and enjoy.

We have a wonderful cross section of people with common interests on this Forum.

I would like to get opinions of places our members have been, or would like to go, and why. It would also be really great if we could know a bit more about where each member lives and what he or she might recommend seeing that might even be in their home city.

Anne and I intend to begin traveling soon. I think that it would be wonderful to meet some members and get a close look at some of their favorite places.

We have visited a few places and while there is little in Atlanta, unless you count the American Civil War from the Southern or Confederacy side, we can recommend the Micheal C. Carlos Museum at Emory University. We know the curator of African art from Capetown and the Curator of Egyptian.

Also the High Museum that has a good permanent African art collection. The curator there is very knowledgeable in African and particularly Burkina Faso. She is an initiate of the "People of the Do."

Museums we have visited and highly recommend are the "de Young," (Fantastic Oceanic and PNG items) The "Asian" in San Francisco.

The Metropolitan in New York and the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

Where have you been and what do you recommend? Whether weapons or artifacts?
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