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John, I knew a little about acehnese weapon & culture.

Pucuk Rebung Motif
Pucuk = the sprout
Rebung = bamboo shoots.
In indo malay rebung were used as food, my mother often cooked bamboo shoots curry This motif also can be found in their tradisional clothes, sarong and Woven cloth. Pucuk Rebung also can be found in other ethnic / region such as malay, lampung, riau, palembang and other part of sumatra. West sumatran / Minangkabau named this motif as Pucuak Rabuang . The Pucuk Rebong symbolised the fertility and the happiness in the life of humankind and the symbol of the life.

Pic of Rebung

Pucuk Rebung ( the tip of cloth ) on Tapis ( Lampung Woven cloth ),

Pic of Pucuk Rebung on Songket Palembang ( Palembang Woven cloth )

Cropped & Sharpen image of original dajak pics

These image clearly show the triangular-shaped pattern similiar to Pic of Rebung.

Aceh Translation related to weaponry

Daun = Leaf
Tebu = Sugar Cane
Daun Tebu = Sugar Cane Leaf

Meu is verb
Apet = jaga / kawal = Guarded
Meu Apet = penjaga / pengawal = "The guard"

Hulu = gagang = Hilt
Peusangan = name of river / name of subdistricts in Bireuen, Aceh
Beunteung = The fence that was made from bamboo
Meutampo Meueh = Bersepuh Emas = "Gold Polish / Gold Plating"

According to some acehnesse, the gold on hilt / handle / scabbard only can be made / owned for Panglima ( commander , chieftains ), teungku ( the noble ) and hig respected persons.

Hope this helps
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