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Default yakans

there are no yakans in sulu. but, there are tausugs in basilan. the present governor (Akbar) there is a tausug while the congressman is yakan (Salapuddin). yakans are found in municipalities of lamitan, sumisip, and the capital, isabela, while the tausugs are found in tipo-tipo. rarely would a yakan or tausug venture into the other's enclave unless he has a death wish.

there is a felt strain in tausug-yakan relations which stretches way back. to the tausugs, this is attributed to the fact that the yakans played a minor role during the moro wars. to quote from a tausug friend their parents always tell them to "never trust a yakan." to the yakans, this is attributed to migration of tausugs to their province (possibily to escape feuds or wars in jolo).

even in modern times, tausug-yakan feuds have been recorded in basilan. even the death of LTP Chairman Tugung in the 80s is attributed to this feud.

as to jolo-made modern interpretations of the pira, that is quite possible.
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