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Sorry guys, but i just have to say it again. This is NOT a particularly good keris. You all seem to getting blinded by all that beautiful gold. The pendok is indeed exquisite, but the more i look at it the more i am convinced that it wasn't made for this sheath (nor the sheath to fit the pendok) but is merely adapted to fit. Again, why these pieces have come together is open to opinion, but i maintain that they don't belong together. Note how badly the mask fits, how much it rises above the top of the sheath. And as Jose points out, wouldn't a dress like this most likely have a more elaborate hilt. This hilt is a fine example of it's type but very ordinary really. Everything in this ensemble is, in fact, grossly out shone by the gold pendok. It's like those IQ test questions they give you where they group a number of things and ask which one does not belong. What is out of place here?
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