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Originally Posted by LOUIEBLADES
Looks like a walking stick/ riding crop or cane with a hidden sword.


Hi Lew, I think you are right..I had an vague idea it could be some sort of sword cane....unfortunately the 'scabbard' is broken (internally) in three places on the lower section...the leather covering is intact. Originally it would have been quite 'stiff'.
However there is another clue..which I forgot to mention..there is a carved section to the hilt where the blade enters the handle... that fits very snuggly into the 'sheath' for approx. 1.5 cms ..1/2 '' similar to a 'ferrule' type arrangement. Which also seems to suggest a 'sword cane'
Also the OAL with the 'sword' in the 'scabbard' is 95cms..37.5'' ...a reasonable length for any walking stick
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