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Originally Posted by utami
your are lucky if not dealing a lot of images every day

i done the same thing like you do, i use PS for editing & retouching the image and use IrvanView
( imho : freeware and better than powertoy ). You Might Try it bill

But since the last year, i was helping my famaly e-commerce as programmer and web master. Since that, i'm dealing with hundred/ thousand of images every week so i need tools to help me After reviewing and testing couple of commercial software, i choose reaconverter.

hope this info could help other who deal with many images in their daily activities like me

True, I don't deal with a lot of images, so this Powertoy works well for me.

I tried your link to Irfanview and got a page that is trying to sell a software download product. Do you have direct info to the free imga eprogram. WOuld like to try it.

warmest regards,
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