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Originally Posted by B.I
i always loved the old army cossacks. you could find them really cheap and they are awesome restored (as you well show). i never owned one, but always meant to!
but, i also had a thing for late 70's jap bikes (pre-plastic roadbikes) as they were real muscle machines. i enjoyed fixing bikes for many years, until i did it for a job (almost 10 years). they say never do your hobby as a job as it kills it for you, which it eventually did for me.
but, can still admire beauty and yours are wonderful to look at.

This Dnepr / Cossack is a weird hybrid.

I guess I can continue as the Dnepr was based on the military BMW, but my original intent was just to use it as an example of a picture I was able to easily resize.

However since you have opened the box....

I got this from a guy in Southampton, UK.

The original bike was, as best we can figure from the numbers, a 1957. The engine has been replaced by a Reliant (think 3 wheel British car) 850 water cooled mill with a few mods. Mated to the Russian tranny 4 forward and reverse.

About 100 hp. Mini Miinor Radiator in the front of the sidecar.

The sidecar is completely custom built. 6 gal gas tank, luggage rack, spare wheel, car seat (seat belt), heater and an opening skylight. Side door and back door lock securely.

Sidecar does have a brake, but the rig still does not stop very well. Great for hauling things like the wife, dogs, groceries and more.

Maybe I could mount a missle launcher on the top?

The Chang Jian is original. Another weapon, the Chinese Jian. Guess I am ok here on this Forum!

But, guys, try the Image Resizer on your pics and post weapons more to the EAA Forum!
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