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Default Fantastic program to resize images for posting! WinXP required

This is one of the best progarms I have ever used for simplicity and speed of resizing pictures for posting!

You do need Windows XP.

Tell you how it works. Download and install from here. (FREE)

Anytime you right click on a picture, you will see a new choice among the others -- "Resize picture."

Click there and you will be given several options for resize. I pick the one that says 800x600. Highlight one or several pictures and click.

The program will copy, reduce and put the new pictures in your file. It will rename them so you do not overwrite your originals. The pictures below were done with this program. It even reduced the pictures from 4 MB to about 140kb. You have to have a file size less than 195kb or so to post here.

I even resized the pictures within the "manage attachments" and posted them here. Whole process from finding pictures to posting them in maybe a minute.

This is so simple and easy, I am kicking myself for not getting it sooner!
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