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A. G. Maisey
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Yes, I`d be happy with "lar gangsir".

But ten years ago I might have called it either kenanga ginubah, or ganggeng kanyut, and if I asked half a dozen different people, all with good keris knowledge, in Solo, I might get replies that covered those three pamors, plus a couple of others. Take it to East Jawa and ask half a dozen people there and I might get half a dozen different answers.

This is a good clear example of pattern welding.
Imagine how much more confusing things a can get when the pattern is either indistinct or worn. In these cases it is probably necessary to have an understanding of how various pamors are created, in order to attempt to fathom exactly what the maker was trying to produce.

The point I am trying to make is that most things to do with keris terminology cannot be taken as carved in stone.

I like "lar gangsir" for it, but if somebody wanted to call it something different, I wouldn`t argue with them.
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