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Hi Michael ,
Please don't worry about any further fragmentation of the Ethnographic forum; that will not be happening .

The keris is unique among edged weapons and I strongly felt that we needed a place for in depth discussion of the subject . This forum will touch on the effects of the different belief systems that have swept through the area of the keris and their effects upon its development . We will range far and wide on the subject and hopefully into new territories .

The study of the keris is so complex and sometimes controversial that a separate forum with a freer atmosphere to express opinions and yes, argue constructively and apart from the general forum rules was needed .

Keris threads can get problematic at times and we felt that they needed to be moderated by members with a certain amount of insight into the subject.

There are only two moderators here and this forum will be our only responsibility.

Everyone of course is welcome to participate; we're only a click away .
Feel free to share a cup of Kopi with us anytime you wish .

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