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The following picture is from Krieger, Plate no. 6, and the description. Note, Example 11 which is said to be Moro, Mindanao.

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Plate 6. Spears used ceremonially and in war; shafts ornamented and figured with brass and silver overlay.

1. Cane shaft, rough-surfaced iron blade of good form. Moro.
2. Elliptic spearhead of iron with socket. Igorot, Luzon.
3. Bilaterally barbed iron spearhead with socket. Luzon.
4. Brass pike head: Two mythical bird figures supporting blade. Blade and socket engraved with geometric figures. Moro.
5. Fine workmanship in iron shown in deeply grooved and socketed spearhead; shaft ferruled with figured silver. Shaft is tasseled and capped with a spud of carabao horn at base. Moro, Mindanao.
6. Head of fine ironwork, deeply grooved and provided with median ridge. Ferrule of brass, collar cord and tassel, rattan shaft capped with spike at basal end, Moro.
7-8. Steel blades, shafts of palmwood wrapped with brass wire: Figured brass ferrule, Bagobo, southeastern Mindanao.
9. Long Iron blade, iron ferrule at neck; handed rings of rattan on shaft, tassel cord. Moro, Mindanao.
10. Blade of iron, thickened at distal end and tapering toward shaft, hardwood shaft ferruled with rattan and punched with brass rivets. Northern Luzon.
11. Short and broad iron spearhead fastened to rattan shaft by iron tang. Looped cord attached to neck of blade and to foreshaft of hardwood. Moro, Mindanao.
12. Finely wrought-iron spearhead; brass ferrule and iron shaft socket; hardwood shaft wound with spirals of figured brass and sheathed with alternating brass and silver hands. Bagobo, Mindanao.
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