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Nikola Zrisnki sabre mimics

There are a few sabres around that look like (Szigetvár) Zrisnki's sabre:

A - Pulszky sabre - beware of this one, it's actually a reproduction. Source:
The heroes of the anti-Turkish wars played an important role in the strengthening Hungarian national consciousness in the 19th century, among them Miklós Zrínyi, who died a heroic death at Szigetvár. It is probably due to this that Ferenc Pulszky made a copy of the Zrínyi saber kept in Vienna using a saber blade that came into his possession. The artefact was presented to the Hungarian National Museum by Ágoston Pulszky in 1898. The inventory diary of the time accurately reports on the details: "The blade originally belonged to Napoleon I, who, after the battle of Marengo, sent it as a gift to Melas, the leader of the Austrian armies at the time, accompanied by a letter. (The letter is in the possession of the Kassa museum.) Melas's wife damaged the scabbard of the sword, melted its gold, and gave the blade to Melas's adjutant, with whom she probably had a tender relationship. It came into the hands of Tettenborn from the adjutant, and Viczay won it from him for 100 gold. It was obtained from Viczay by Gábor Fehérváry, Ferenc Pulszky's uncle, from whom Pulszky inherited the sword. The scabbard and hilt of the sword are a faithful copy of the Zrínyi sword preserved in the collection of the Vienna court."
B - "Radsporn" sabre - not sure what to say about this one. The blade looks OK to me, but similarity to the Zrinski sabre, and the brass crossguard meakes me doubt this one. Any thoughts?
Source: &

Single-edged blade with two narrow fullers and a stepped, double-edged point. Master's mark "Radsporn" embossed on the front next to the double inscription "IOHANNI". Cross-shaped, decorated quillons in brass. Leather grip, partly faceted. Curved pommel-cap, pointed oval and decorated. Underneath brass-framed perforation for a carrying strap. Brass decorative rivets. Old, professionally restored, leather-covered wooden scabbard, embossed with a wavy pattern on the front, reverse. smooth. Ornate brass fittings with carrying rings. The chape is decorated with edging on both sides in the lower third.
C - This one isn't really a mimic, but has some similarities, it's most likely an Ottoman sabre from the Topkapi Palace. Can't find any further info.
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