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While I know that the rule seems to be seperate gangya = pre 1930, however I got the sense from most of those that I talked to in Sulu reference these that the seperate gangya was more of a guarantee of it being older, however they felt that the one piece blade was also made by many prior to the magic 1930 mark also.

thank you for that very interesting tidbit, dan. you were/are indeed in a unique postion to clarify a lot of what has been considered as half guess around here. looking forward to your future comments.

Just another quick note before I forget - the museum in Jolo is a bust for swords, they only had two and both were newer and in abysmal shape. The nicest weapons shown were pictures from the Field museum collection. Not even a spear, shield, or barung. Might have to donate one my mine when the time comes.

that's a shame! i believe the university of mindanao in lanao has the most extensive collection of moro weapons in mindanao, if not, the whole archipelago. i remember the national museum had only 4 or 5 swords.
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