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Default Seperate gangya

Back home and up on line again. While I know that the rule seems to be seperate gangya = pre 1930, however I got the sense from most of those that I talked to in Sulu reference these that the seperate gangya was more of a guarantee of it being older, however they felt that the one piece blade was also made by many prior to the magic 1930 mark also. On at least two occasions I had individuals show me one piece kalis that they claimed were in their families for 5 or 6 generations. Now while the Tausug are not above stretching the truth, they are very particular about two things, reciprical gift-giving and their family trees. I should mention that neither of the two blades were offered for sale.

Just another quick note before I forget - the museum in Jolo is a bust for swords, they only had two and both were newer and in abysmal shape. The nicest weapons shown were pictures from the Field museum collection. Not even a spear, shield, or barung. Might have to donate one my mine when the time comes.
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