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excellent kalis, IMO. if we have to go by cato's book (btw, we do that a lot here since it's the only book ever written dedicated to the moro swords), those are indeed a more recent, as in post 1930 and later, blade. it's really hard to tell whether the outfit itself are redressed or not, but nevertheless, they are IMHO, are "true" krisses, and not made for stalls in Aldevinco.

both have the classic horse hoof pommel, with either nickel or silver asang-asang. the first one, known as kalis seko, has 17 waves, luks, whatever. again, based on the book this symbolizes a snake in motion (also, the more waves, the more potent it is).

the second one, known as kalis taluseko looks like a no nonsense battle sword. the lamination is indeed incredible. handle looks to be made out of banati.

nothing much i can add here. again, like ian said, go with what the locals think it is. we're just a bunch of book nerds here basing most of what we know from books and each other. kinda like learning brazilian jiujitsu from the books, lol...
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