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Originally Posted by Yvain
I was trying to get this amazing Haussa takouba in a recent auction, but sadly the bids went too high for my young museum worker wallet

Well, I still have the pictures to console myself, and I thought I could share them with you, now that the auction is over.

It was described as a "touareg saber [sic]" in the auction, but I think we will agree that it is actually a very nice XIXth (second part ?) century Haussa takouba. I think the blade was locally made and exhibit some really interesting forging flaws/delamination, that could suggest forge welded edges (I don't really know how to say that in English, hope it's understandable ...).

Hello Yvain,

Where are our takouba experts?

What make it Haussa? The pommel style? I ask because I want to learn.

I think what you mean is inserted edge but I am not sure, it's only a sign of welding what I see in the pictures.

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