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Here we have a nice 18th c. Spanish bilbo broadsword with six-sided German-made blade with rounded tip. The bilobate hilt secured with 4 rivets and possesses curved quillons versus the straight seen on certain models. The knuckle bow is floating and not attached to the pommel as later models are. There is a maker's mark at the ricasso ( a feathered arrow pointing down towards the blade). The grip is fine twisted copper.

This old soldier is tight and intact, with stains/tarnishing, smudges and scuffs only. When I originally picked this up two decades ago, the hilt was very loose. I enlisted the aid of the esteemed swordsmith Donnie Sheerer (the Mad Piper), who deftly created an extra ferrule and pommel cap to make the piece secure. This particular pattern can be seen in Neumann's 'Swords and Blades of the American Revolution'. It is impossible to fully describe how amazing this piece is until it is in hand. A heavy beast, the blade flexes perfectly with pressure on its point. The blade measures a whopping 35.5" long, 1.5" width at the guard and overall length of spprox 43".

Asking $1700 plus shipping.
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