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Default A Spectacular Moro Blade With a Not-So-Spectacular Hilt

Normally we like to find fine, even spectacular, Moro blades on hilts of quality that match the quality of the blade.

Here is one that definitely doesn't follow that rule. It's a superb twistcore blade on a quite ordinary, may we say "common man's", hilt. Even the scabbard is poorly carved and quite raw, with none of the surfaces smoothed out.

My theory here is that this blade may have been re-hilted many times. By the time of this last re-hilt, the owner may not have even cared that it was twistcore, especially considering its original condition.

It's a good lesson though..."never judge a book by its cover"...or in this case never judge a Moro kriss by its hilt and not have a look at the blade!
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