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In more research into the shotgun used by Holliday, it seems there are far more notions and contrary accounts than anticipated. Even in the Rosa book, "The Age of the Gunfighter" it is claimed that Holliday's FAVORITE shotgun was a WW Greener from Birmingham, England.....but that more recent claims say he had a cut down 10 gauge 'meteor' shotgun (Belgian) and called it his street howitzer.

Looking more into the idea of Wells Fargo shotguns, it seems that while San Francisco was the headquarters, local agents in various places would acquire their own guns. I read through many accounts of 'authentic' and marked Wells Fargo shotguns, and all are expectedly faked.
One source says that few guns were ever marked, and if each local agent bought his own gun, why would there be 'Wells Fargo' property notices on them?
Also, it is noted that 'messengers' were also known to carry rifles, and that the short barrel was not necessarily the norm on the shotguns.

So most of my previous thoughts seem well rescinded for the most part at this point.
How sure are we that Virgil actually furnished Doc's shotgun? If not, then the idea of a cut down 10 gauge Meteor or whatever seems possible after all.

We do know that Doc did hit Tom McLaury fatally, but it seems it was his 2nd barrel. The first barrel was at Ike Clanton who had made his run for it.
It was then he threw the shotgun down (so it does not seem to have been on the swivel rig suggested). Also, it is noted that Frank McLaury fired at Doc and hit Doc's holster....suggesting he was indeed wearing one.
Other accounts claim he had a Colt Lightning in his pocket.

So as always, with OK Corral 'versions', which is it?

Actually there is not even agreement on whether Wyatt actually had a Smith & Wesson #3, as the Gilcrease one said to be Wyatt's has been discredited. However, apparently in Juneau Alaska, a Smith & Wesson belonging to Wyatt was checked in and left (June, 1900).

The mystery (s) continue.
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