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Originally Posted by phil.reid
Thank you for your welcome, site looks great
Does anyone know the cockerel and stars stamp?? ive also listed a hunting sword with a kings head or green man deep stamp ive seen before but cant find.
Are there any good reference sites on European maker marks??

Not being (at all) an expert in these things, i can tell you that, the same mark appears again in page 122 of the same work, again on a windlass crossbow. Given that your example is so much different than those in the book, could it be that, (steel) bows themselves may be interchangeable, so that the one in yours was previously mounted in another (different type of) crossbow ? ... just saying .
Also to note that in this book section where marks are listed, the rooster & stars does not appear, confirming the author's uncertainty about is provenance being Belgium.
Concerning the mark on your hunting sword, i went through some sources and could not find it. Pity other members do not show up with an identification.
As for books on European makers marks, i guess there are not so many publications out there; a recurrent resource are listings included (often in the last pages of) books/catalogues, due to refer to examples contained in the said works; Wallace Collection, Armi Bianche Italiane, Real Armeria, Spanish Firearms, etc. A work exclusively on makers marks would be the so called "Stockel" (HAANDSKYDEVAABENS BEDØMMELSE), probably sold out, probably only in German ... and probably expensive.
There is an 'old' work, but still useful, called ARMOURERS MARKS by Dudley Gyngell ... if you can finf a copy.
You may also enjoy having a look IN HERE.
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