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This is what i call my 'INVENTORY', which i have put up a several years ago, in a manner i found adequate with my collector profile.
The basic purpose is to have (A) a record, for what the word means, (B) a source for my own consultation when i don't recall a particular detail, (C) a resource for my wife and daughter to have some data for when eventually i kick the bucket and (D) a listing to supply the insurance company when i update its items and values, which (actual) total value i declare, under a status of 'special' specific contents, added to my global home insurance policy; to whom i also send a set of global pictures that i take around the house where the pieces are hanging or kept.
In this excel sheet, i have three separate pages; firearms, white arms and various. Each is titled in the same fashion, as follows:

1 - The # number is the position in the inventory page and not the number of the piece tag; when i deaccess an item, i re-number the position of the others in the page. I didn't find that, physically labeling the items with a connected number, would be a practical procedure: call it an option.
2 - Type of the piece; musket, sword, lance ...
3 - Country of actual origin, not where bought... when known.
4 - Model, style, pattern.
5 - Serial number, when available.
6 - Marks, inscriptions, when short.
7 - Dealer or person whom i get the piece from, either swapped, paid for ... or offered.. I omit this column to the Insurance company; prefer to keep it private.
8 - Date the piece was made; precise, approximate or unknown.
9 - Description of the piece, as exhaustive as possible; historic, long inscriptions, construction, materials, detailed measurements, weight.
10 - Price bought; or 'O' when offered.
11 - Year acquired.
12 - Hyperlink to detailed photos, kept in collection image files.

When i mention 'actual' value for the Insurance company, is the price i 'actually' paid and not one inflated.

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