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Mel and CC, thank you so much for this input, I was hoping that this might bring in some perspectives from other collectors who may know of or had heard of this intriguing topic.
I wish I had seen that Mel! That is exactly true, Bannerman tried to construct his 'castle' based mostly on his personal images, and baronial styles he knew from his rich Scottish history. It was rather like some of the historic sites here in the US such as the 'stone house' in Florida, or 'Scotty's Castle' in Death Valley in California. These were built from scrap and gathered material over time and with little true engineering.

However it seems Bannerman's must have been relatively soundly built as its collapse was mostly caused by at least one explosion of apparently improperly stored munitions, which despite considerable damage, left much of the structure standing. The fact that the ruin prevails is remarkable.

Thank you again guys!
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