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Default Dutch M1815 Musket.

A Dutch M1815 No.2 musket dated 1819 with a later conversion to percussion. Butt stamped Delft 1845 and I presume this is the place and date of the percussion conversion. There were a number of manufacturers and I would be grateful if anybody could identify which one from the stamps in the photographs. I will photograph the stamps under the barrel if this would help. Here is an unconverted one in the Royal Armouries collection. https://collections.royalarmouries....rative-271.html


P.S. Here's a list of the Manufacturers.

* J Devillers: approx. 120,000 Nos.1 & 2
* Gebr. Malherbe: 52,000 Nos.1 & 2
* PJ Malherbe: 10,000 Nos.1 & 2
* MJ Malherbe de Goffontaine: 6,000 No.1
* JL de Loneux fils: 26,000 Nos.1 & 2
* P Lebens: 19,000 Nos.1 & 2
* J Walker (Birmingham): 8,000 Nos.1 & 2
* W&H Spangenberg: approx. 12,000 No.1
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