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Default Kris Tajong with Swaasa

Long ago I tried to develop a taste for Kris, but failed.
Thus, it is time to pass some of my Kris to new owners.
This is the first one.
Pattani Kris Tajong.
Nothing was modified or messed with by me, whatever needs to be done has to be done by a new owner
Blade uncleaned, with patination but no rust ( yes, I oiled it), Handle intact with deep intricate carving, no cracks. The "nose" cover was taken to the best local jewelers who examined the composition of the alloy with X-ray machine ( or, at least how they explained it to me) They have been using it for several years already and perform the analysis for several customers every day.
Gold 34.6%
Silver 15%
Copper 50.4%
I.e. swaasa.
Scabbard parts are separated, and there is old dry glue over the joint that I did not try to remove. Obviously, the direction of the cavity is somewhat crooked and the upper part of the blade protrudes by several millimeters ( see pic). Needs TLC

Couple of dings with loss of wood on one of the wings.
I tried to show as many views as I thought would be sufficient, but if one needs something specific, send me a PM
Price $1,300 or best offer ( lower or higher). Free shipping.
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