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Hi A.alnakkas,
Glad you joined in. I know that Damascus has armed the Bedouin all the way to Palestine and Jordan. Of the many types of swords carried by those Bedouin in the late 19th-early 20th c, almost all were made in Damascus.
The Bedouin of Syria probably bought daggers of many forms in the cities, particularly in Damascus . There are pictures of them carrying Kindjals types known to be produces there, as well as Majdalis. In addition, they had several types of local primitive daggers that I think were of great influence on the development of the shibriya. Unfortunately, the Syrian desert was not visited as much as other Bedouin areas and information is sparse. I know you would agree that there were connections all through and around the Syrian desert including portions of Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and down to the Arabian Peninsula and that influences went back and forth.
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