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Originally Posted by motan
Not much of a collectors piece because scabbard is missing and the blade is both badly made and roughed up.

It has a date on the middle section of the hilt -1310 Hijri = 1892/3 Gregorian. It is the oldest date I have seen so far on daggers from this area.

It has pigeons on the hilt. This symbol is very common in later and modern shibriyas. Some experts think that it signifies Jordanian origin, but Jordan or even Jordanian entity did not exists in late 19th c.

Hi Motan

Well I disagree it's a collector piece! Who else than a crazy collector can buy that?? I agree it's not a dealer piece...
Remember what i wrote previously many of your shibriya are from the 19th c, mid or more likely late 19thc. Of course they are not Jordanians, Beduins Badawi is more appropriate. Facing pigeons or facing peacocks are common since the Umayyads until the Mughals, look at the Afghan ones for example...
BTW do you think the etching at the forte supported koftgari?

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