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Following text borroved from mr. Vanhatalo,Finland:

"The swordsman, from the current point of view, was in the seam of the ages - the prehistoric iron age and the crusade were about to end and the Middle Ages begin. Society with its taxes and churches had begun to take shape.

Time cannot be said to be peaceful: Sweden became a crusader and a fighter from Novgorod to the present Russian territory, Vanhatalo says.

The soldier was buried in a Christian way in the east-west direction, and in the longer sword there was a cross image and a Bene-text, which, according to the Old House, refers to Benedict, the name of the Pope.

The rare finding is located near the Hakoinen Castle Mountain, and Vanhatalo thinks that the soldier may well have belonged to the village defending army, where the crowd was gathered if necessary. However, this is difficult to know because there were no clues around the tomb beyond the third sword.
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