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Default Vikinswords in Finland


Here in Finland Mr. Mikko Moilanen is just made a Doctoral dissertation about Viking era swords.Here is text borroved one Finnish newspaper:

"Contrary to what is commonly seen in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, there is a great wealth of well-produced swords in continental Finland, mainly for Viking and Crusaders (ca. 800-1200 AD).

At the University of Turku, Mikko Moilasen, Master of Philosophy in Philosophy, commonly believed that these so-called "spit" spells were from central European brands where this technique was practiced.

- The products of the hooves were of course considered high quality tops, which was why they were considered as luxury objects.

These iron swords with iron preserves Moilanen found a large number of swords in the younger Iron Age of Finland, as many as 151 pieces. He emphasizes that the number of swords was surprisingly high since it was not even possible to go through the whole course of the study."

regards Markku
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