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Originally Posted by fernando
Is that the way you view it, Roland ?
Curiously it didn't strike as being that .


Hi Fernando,

I mean the mustache and the beard .

An alternative name for this helmet is "Cabasset".

The Cabasset is much closer to the helmet in the picture.

The Cabasset has been developed from Morion/Ironhat style helmet in the first half of the 16th ct..

A direct translation from Freakypedia:
"The high helmet bell of the Cabasset was surrounded by a narrow brim and resulted in some specimens in a curved back apex, also they could have on their front a low ridge. It is common in this helmet shape that the comb ends in a spiky tip. The cheekpieces of the helmet were usually pushed, so composed of several steel plates, and provided with chin straps. The Cabasset was widely used among foot soldiers and was in use until the middle of the 17th century. It was made in the simplest form, but also decorated with artistic, driven ornaments."
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